STOP! Don’t Just Smell The Roses…Sell some too!

“Life is NOT a destination…. But A Journey”

Have you ever asked yourself, WHY AM I HERE? Well….why are you here? I’ve realized many of us are oxymorons. Yeah we live an oxymoronic life.
We say yes but mean no
Say no but mean yes
A naturally caring person who is often joyful and loves doing nice things for people may not be a caregiver but working as a correctional officer.
A holistic, organic, natural cultured person may be working at a fast food restaurant where they bring their own lunch everyday because they don’t eat that kind of food.
Whether by force or by choice
We all do what we have to do. And there’s nothing wrong with that. I also look at that as *light in dark places*. Sometimes its golden to be in an oxymoronic situation so you can draw others in, make them smile, lighten the load, offer some wisdom. But what I mean by oxymoronic is when your lifestyle does not fit your personality. It goes against WHO you are and WHAT you BELIEVE. That’s why I personally have chosen to be my own boss for that reason. I love to be a free spirit….I don’t like restrictions or conformity. If I want to wear vibrant colors in my hair, get 5 piercings, wear my stiletto nails and unique outfits I want to be able to artistically express myself without being uniformly stripped of doing so.
I choose passion over paycheck and the paychecks come when you are passionate about what you do!
I understand we all have residual bills.
Money makes the world go round yeah yeah. But riddle me this…
What are you naturally good at?
What are you passionate about?
And is it profitable?
If you can answer those questions what is holding you back? Well I know what has held me back in the past… What I thought… Was lack of funds…. But there are a million ways to fundraise from yard sales to eBay. My roadblock was fear. Fear of failure and in actuality fear of the responsibility of success! Crazy right!  Successful people have alot of responsibilities it’s one of the side effects of being wealthy. And that is a reality.
We all have the same 24 hours as Warren Buffet, Bill Gates & Oprah Winfrey…. Soo what’s the difference? MINDSET. That’s it!
Some people will say well they’re rich that’s the difference! Well before they became who they are they thought differently from their peers and seized whatever opportunities came until they were able to create their own.

I would love to see people in the world do what truly honors & nurtures their soul.
Everybody searching for something Love. Sex. Power. Respect. Attention. Financial stability. But as long as you’re doing something oxymoronic for someone else you will never truly be stable. Financially or emotionally there will be imbalance.

People say ” Stop & smell the roses” I say while you’re there enjoying the sweet fragrances. Try selling some too! Profit from your passion and passion with a purpose. Nobody wins from you withholding the goodnesses you have to offer. The world is waiting to benefit from whatever you have to offer. Will you present it? Don’t be a captive of fear. And I say this with Love.



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