Lay With Me


Baby it’s been a while
And Through these trials
It’s plain to see
We got each others backs
And God has guided us safely
Through the valleys …
out of darkness
I know you’ve been through some things
And nothing can express the joy that seeing your face brings. ..
Baby I miss your everything
There’s also been a change in me. ..
Peace in my mind
Peace in my soul
Come And lay with me.

Tried and true
So loyal to my king
We have some catching up to do
Some making up and things
I have so much love to give
You make my heart sing
I love to lay upon your chest
And listen to your heart beat
We gaze upon our wedding rings
This Love is soo so sweet.

Peace in your heart
Peace in your mind
Our love was put to the test
The search is over
We hit the jackpot
As we lay
We enter mutual rest

Charlene P. Ward
Art for Sale @EvaStushBoutiq

Eva Fresh. Eva Ready. Eva Stush!


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