$90 k for 90 days

“Could you go without Cable AND social media  90 days for $90,000?”


Well most people’s immediate response would be ‘heck yeah! For 90k!’ But the fine print…..
1)Your phone would be tapped
2)friends cannot update you on social events or the latest re cap of Empire, Real Housewives and Scandal
3)you cannot watch TV or go Online anywhere else you would be tracked the whole 90 days

Could you still do it?

I’m curious because we are such an entertainment & technology driven generation
and I personally said ‘heck yeah! Cut the check!’ (Initially) but then I thought about how insane I was starting to go when I tried living without cable trying to save money! Watching DVDs over and over all day everyday. Listening to everybody dishing on my favorite shows “girl! Did you see Love & Hip Hop Last Night!” I eventually caved. I couldn’t take it!!!



And you know you’re addicted to social media when before your mom sends you a pic she texts you: “and don’t put this on Facebook!”
Because I put everything on Facebook!
And you can’t use the term “Get A Life” because life is social media! Celebs have plenty to do and plenty money to do it and they Instagram EVERRRRRY THING! #ShowOffs!

And if I put my phone down for more than 15 minutes….. I am literally itching to log back on, consumed with thoughts of what I posted and Who commented and how many likes did I get? And ou ou ou! Lets not forget about the indirect shade and subliminal messages!


So do you think you could do it?”

I would love for a major corporation to do this $90k for 90 days Social Media & Cable Challenge as a social experiment and see how many people get to put their money where
their smartphone is!!!

I would give it an honest effort. I don’t know what would be worse
*having a withdraw meltdown and a visit to the crazy house
*my family disowning me for forfeiting $90 k just to peek at my profile!!!!


Eva Fresh. Eva Ready. Eva Stush!


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