A summary of what beautiful melodies are to me…a shared passion for music… One of the spices of life!

Writings of the Black Rose

Music is my life,
Music is my passion .
Music is love ,
Music is fashion .

It is a friend,
That shares all sorrows
It is a companion ,
That never leaves your hand.

Music is the magic ,
That lets you forget the world.
Music is the power ,
That can ignite the lost fire.

Music gives solace,
To both, the heart and mind.
Music gives the strength,
To make decisions tough.

Music is the path,
That gives way to your emotions.
Music is the prayer,
That brings you closer to God.

Music is a trance,
That knows no boundaries.
It can make your spirit,
Wander like a free bird.

Music is a medium,
That emotes without words.
Music is a world,
That always brings a smile.

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