“Under Investigation” ??!?!!?


I rarely use the word *hate*….
Unless you hating
But as of late
Call me a hater
Cause there’s a term that causes me frustration
Been hearing it used loosely in every situation
So can you help me understand
What’s “under investigation”?
Who investigates the individuals doing the investigating?
Counter production if its internal station to station
How many guilty verdicts are the people still awaiting? Not even counting the low profile situations.
Not even counting the Trayvons and Emmit Till.s
I’m talking bout the ones getting gunned down eating a meal.
I’m talking bout traffic stops getting murdered at the wheel
I’m talking bout ya friend that was just walking down the hill
I’m talking bout ya hands is up and gettin murked still
So I’m really starting to hate the term
“Under investigation”
It seems as if instead of *under
They getting *over on the nation
It’s a massive disrespect slap in the face to all creation
But when it come to throwing niggas in jail, over trivial details,
seems as if they always come to quick deliberation
giving  20 year verdicts without any hesitation
Unbothered by broken homes and broken hearts and ruined lives behind these bars from the time these “niggers” facing
Where the proof at? Little dibble dabbles on discoveries
But on a video red handed these devils reap the luxuries
Of being
“Under investigation”
Under the umbrella of protection
What a disgusting reflection
of history repeating itself
Gang members doing time for drug & murder crimes
So all badges & guns should be on the shelf
How does a criminal investigate oneself?
How many verdicts are the people still awaiting?
How many conclusions came through regarding them boys in blue that got they wrist slapped and on paid vacations?
Distracted by entertainment and other non important situations
Hoping people forget by dragging it out and disrupting the demonstrations
Using militia force on people protesting for peace
Protesting for justice
2 things the law supposed to be
But unless I got it twisted look like opposition to me
Who is really
“Under investigation”?
Red rum in these streets from city to city
Red rum Red rum
We see who the killers are
Sticking out by they red thumbs
But I guess
We spose to believe and accept the okey doke
Like we dumb son.
Y’all ” under investigation”

Eva Fresh. Eva Ready. Eva Stush!


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