Tears for Chocolate

This morning I woke up crying
I was laying in the bed


Watching this young lady on Judge Hatchett
Beautiful Chocolate girl
(I see the God in you)
Black and royal blue plaits
(Little does she know she’s Royal too)
Tight white tee, tight jeans, light blue
Involved in a terrible gang
The way she talking about fighting and her gang members being killed and seeking revenge soo nonchalantly disturbed me
Disrespectful to her mother as her mother stands there
And I’m listening and watching her
In disbelief
Two beautiful Black women
I understand their grief
Judge asked her what she wanted to do
Her mom interjected
As she held up a trophy she proceeds to inform her of her daughters dance competitions
Young lady responds by saying she no longer dances ” for what? There are no dance opportunities where I’m from ”
And I’m heartbroken as I look at her spirit
I can clearly see
This young girl is not a gang banger
She’s a beautiful, talented, chocolate girl lost
And Judge Hatchett saw that too
The intervention was to let her go perform with a professional dance group that performed all over the world including Broadway.
If you saw her smile, the way her face lit up!
I smiled too!
She went to that audition and the reviews they had, said she learned fast and was a natural
She ended up performing with them and she was sooooooooooooo happy!
I knew after that moment she was influenced positively….
After the update she emerged from backstage nix the black and Royal blue plaits
Almost unrecognizable, like “Who the heck is that!”
Same girl
New look, new demeanor
Black, straight hair with couple crimson highlights in the back,
Black top, gray slacks
Face shining bright, radiant and smiling
Told the judge she’s not gang banging anymore!
She enrolled in community college
Taking dance, film, and even legal classes
She learned life is what you make it!
There ARE opportunities
It depends on how you take it!
I was overjoyed for her
It touched the little girl in me
And for a moment my sprit was weak
Because I could relate to how she felt
Thinking she was stuck
And had to play the cards she was dealt
Although her mom was around
She still felt by herself.
Thinking a negative route was the only way to go
I wish I could hug these lost chocolate girls
I became emotional
To witness even ONE life changed
Although there’s millions more to go
Because we sometimes hide behind alter egos
And It’s all for show
I cried this morning
The first time was for her hurt & pain
The second time was for her joy & change
I wish I could hug these lost chocolate girls
All girls need hugs, they do
But esp. The chocolate ones
Because a lot of people hate chocolate


Eva Fresh. Eva Ready. Eva Stush!


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