Leave Me Alone

” Mark 6:31
And he said to them, “Come away by yourselves to a desolate place and rest a while.”

There is peace in solitude.

As an only child, I have mastered the art of entertaining myself. I know my alone-ness doesn’t always equal loneliness.

In the midst of life’s events and melo dramas sometimes we have to pull away to be by ourselves to sort things out, to meditate, to cleanse our souls, to re focus, re balance, re connect, re commit. Or to just REST.

When we have a chance to be left alone, it opens up room to grow. For me, I’ve always had a strong mentality and a rough attitude from holding onto things. When I am too consumed with what others think, have done, have said, it tends to put me in a negative space. And when I’m in a negative space, I usually have negative reactions. And negative reactions push out whatever it is, like toxins excreting from my pores.

*Peace Be Still, And Know That I AM GOD*

Sometimes things or people have to be pushed out in order for you to be left alone to reconnect if there is too much of a distraction. I know if I’m spending more time on my phone and watching TV that means I’m spending less time connecting spiritually and less time in the word and those distractions have to be pushed away in order for me to re gain my focus.

When I shift my attitude and mind frame to “I couldn’t care less” mode everything goes more smoothly. But there is a thin line between “caring less” & “walking in love”. If you’re not careful that “care less” attitude can turn you sour. And “walking in love” sometimes makes you vulnerable and susceptible to be hurt. Soo there is a balance, and that is the challenge.

I used to believe I needed to always have alot people in my circle. The bigger your circle the more “fun” it will be. #Lies. The bigger your circle the bigger the chaos IF emotions are not controlled and communication is not executed properly. And that is usually the case. So I’m at the point where I’m comfortable with my circle being a period


Leave me alone to my own devices, without any outside interference or influences, where I am free to be ME where the only voice I need to hear, I can hear HIM more clearly.


Eva Fresh. Eva Ready. Eva Stush!


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