Fill A Need (F.A.N)

“In this world there are *Fillers and *Needers …it is NOT a question of ‘which are you?’ It IS the notion of ‘When will you?'”

I was on my instagram the other night, just business as usual,

posting and sharing for one of my it works products, when i accidentally hit one of the hash tags I used, I think it was #cut the #fat or #CutTheFat and stumbled across some pretty disturbing images. Young children around my sons age, teenagers 13-19 maybe some younger who were just very depressed! I saw these kids with pics, razor cutting themselves, girls laying in the tub with unhappy emojis and captions such as “should I do it?” Referring to drowning themselves. Females stooped over the toilet purging themselves caption: ” I’m fat” boys wearing all black with trigger fingers and sad faces caption: “i’m a loser” “no one loves me, why am I here?” ” who cares?” The list goes on and on and on….I was overcome with emotions and compelled to message as many of these kids as possible! Although I am a stranger, my heart went out to them. I was saddened and empathy ridden. Especially for the ones that teetered more on the brink of destruction. Its amazing how either a few encouraging words, or a few harmful words can mean the difference between life and death…..and it hit me….what has the world come to? Whether you believe in God, Buddah, Mohammed, heaven, hell, satan or simply nothing, i believe it’s such a tragedy to take ones own life, ( or any life!) when I believe your life is worth living, and you have a purpose! Life is precious! You are here for a reason. What can be that bad that you would do something so terrible and leave so many lives grieving after you? All this unused, untapped potential, wasted. I don’t think so! Stay strong and optimistic I say!
Why are these CHILDREN and even ADULTS so depressed?!
And to the point of suicide?! As a teenager I was stress free! Didn’t know what depression or stress was til I had my 1st child at 18! And even now as a Nubian person in America, if you think you wanna hang yourself try living in a day and age where history is repeating itself and people who don’t know the content of your character wanna hang you because you possess more Melanin than them! Awww….that melanin… But as I was offering words if encouragement…
So many questions roamed through my mind. Where are their parents? Do they have their parents? Do their parents know they feel this way?! Do they Come from a good home? Abusive home? Foster home? Do they have friends? Real friends? Friends that feel suicidal like them?
Then I start thinking about the unrealistic, unfair pressures of society and the beauty industry, the fashion industry, the music industry. Look at what we are exposed to daily via propaganda, media, commercials, ads etc.
We’ve all fallen victim to it, one way or another.
Fillers and Needers
Working poor, Over worked middle class, rich, uber wealthy, people wrongly incarcerated, people post incarcerated with no rehabilitation options, young parents, over crowded housing, drug addicts, failing schools, lack of educational tools, lack of programs, poorly stimulated or over stimulated.

Fillers and Needers


Some fillers are not concerned with needers, they are bombarded with takers, and opportunists of greed. Some fillers are doing their fair share. Some needers even fill other needers out of love, humbleness and others simply because they understand the laws of attraction.


We need something, something’s missing and good old marketing and advertisement will make us feel fulfilled temporarily, because we sure need that new car and we sure need that new hair cut, and that vacation, and those highlights and those new shoes oh and that new lazy boy to enjoy that new ice cream while we catch that new epidode on that new flatscreen…. Fillers and Needers
Because We “needed it” and “they” “filled” our “needs”
But something’s missing because the children need a hug, a kiss, love, re assurance, support, confidence, quality time, mental stimuli, to unplug from technology, to hear “I love you” and to be asked “how do you feel?” And be paid attention to and we as adults need all that too! So who’s filling who with what?!
Fillers and Needers
And that’s when I realized something needs to be done! But what?! What can we do? Because there comes a point where actions should speak louder than words. Do you agree?
We can all do better, give more, share more, take less, use less, love harder, work smarter, spend more time, less dime.
So When/how will you be filled? And when/how can you Fill A Need?

Eva Fresh. Eva Ready. Eva Stush!


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