Your Life Is A Reflection Of Your Choices

“We Live & Die With Our Choices”

Everything we have and don’t have in life is a reflection of our choices. Everything we are, Everywhere we go…Things we do and people we attract and habits we repeat are CHOICES. They are a reflection of the choices we make. I’ve realized when things don’t go as smoothly as I’d like I can get down on myself, upset or nonchalantly say “yeah that’s life” but Life gives us back what we put in. I cannot play the blame game. Neither can you.

So it is my mission to give more than I take, to love more than hate, to learn more than teach, to practice what I preach and sew seeds that I want to reap by building good habits.
To listen more than I talk, to walk that walk and be about my business and my family’s business because I am my Sistars and brothas keeper.
We all have a role to play so what new habits will you be building?
What old habits will we be destroying?
What talents and skills will we be feeding?
That is the life we will be leading, once the work is done we can ease on down the yellow brick road!
But Will we do the work?

Your habits become you,
You become your habits.

Eva Fresh. Eva Ready. Eva Stush!


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