21 Day Confession


“Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.” Prov. 18:21 KJV

Words Are Powerful

21 day Confession/ Releasing your faith (You can add to it)

 Father I thank you right now for Psalm 91. I declare Lord that the angels are encamped round about my home.

 I thank you Lord that I am redeemed.
I thank you Lord that Satan is bound.
I thank you Lord that angels are loosed.
God I’m releasing my faith right now!
I thank you Lord that I operate today on a supernatural level.
That you are giving me the capacity to do everything that I need to do.
I thank you Lord I am releasing my faith for the unusual favor that you’re bringing into my life.
Thank you Lord that they are choosing me every time.
Favor is operating in my life.
You are raising up someone to use their power and their influence on my behalf.
They are happy to stand with me in the name of Jesus.
I thank you Lord for doors of opportunity.
I thank you Lord. I expect it to be just as if I went to Walmart, I step into a place the doors open wide, so that I can step in and do what I need to do.
Lord I thank you that I am a tither and today I’m releasing my faith.
I thank you that you’re my source.
I bless you that you’re going to use people to bless me.
Men are looking for me.
Money comes in my mailbox from unexpected resources.
I thank you Lord that I don’t have to struggle and strive.
I have unusual favor.
I thank you Lord that I function at a high level.
I thank you Lord that I’m walking in the favor of God.
I thank you Lord that I give tithe and offering.
I thank you Lord that today windows of heaven are open unto me.
I thank you that I have supernatural ability coming to me.
Lord I thank you that I operate on an incredible level, a high level. I’m functioning in a capacity that I never would know myself. I’m having ideas manifesting in my mind Lord, I have understanding coming to me. I am productive in whatever I do. I’m releasing my faith for it. It’s taking me pass my training, pass my understanding.
I thank you Lord for divine favor.
I thank you Lord, favor ain’t fair. When I come on the scene the people are looking for me to bless me. I’m releasing my faith for it in the name of Jesus.
 I thank you Lord that you’re opening doors all over the world for me.
I thank you Lord that the brakes are taken off of me. Lord I’m going in every door that you have opened up for me. I take the brakes off of you.
I thank you Lord that I have more than enough. You even use me as a distribution center, Lord so that I can distribute to others. Thank you Lord Jesus for me finding that favor with you.
Lord I thank you! Lord I thank you! I didn’t expect this money today. Lord here you are causing money to come to me. Come on! Come here now! Come and answer everything in my life. You are a servant money. Come and serve me! I release my faith now that money comes and serves me. It comes from unexpected sources.

Father I am a tither and I thank you for supernatural ability to function at a high level of excellence and integrity.
Father I thank you for ideas.
Thank you Lord for a place of action, for providing that for me. Thank you for productivity. Thank you for supernatural insight. Thank you for doors of opportunity being open unto me. Thank you for favor pouring unto me. Devine favor. The favor that causes others to use their power on my behalf.  
Thank you Father for honor and blessings. Thank you for you mighty provisions. I expect those provisions Father. I expect it from unexpected sources. I believe I receive it right now!
In Jesus’ Name! Amen

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