Fill A Need (F.A.N)

“In this world there are *Fillers and *Needers …it is NOT a question of ‘which are you?’ It IS the notion of ‘When will you?'”

I was on my instagram the other night, just business as usual,
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Souled Out!

Souls 4 sale! Souls 4 sale!
Like a pimp to a john who got hoes 4
You’d think they’d all hold out for 6 figure contracts
But now a days they selling out wholesale
As soon as they washed up
Frantically searching to keep up
So “keep me relevant I’ll offer you  retail” no pre nup
That’s the ultimate marriage
“By any means necessary” put em on and out for re sale
Chop out another contract or two with miniscule details
“Sign on the dotted line” as we control your behind
you have 80% off ya life
We going collect every dime
Grim reaper goin collect ya soul
He smiling “dat a** is mine”
You can yell kick and scream
A million of souls next in line
“Oh you’re not ready to go yet? We’ll continue to use you as a tool for us to carry out any plan we choose to. Stick to the plan. Follow the rules or we’ll release you if another path you try to choose… See your soul was sold…see your signature here? Where’s your master now? You have a new one my dear. We were very clear. You had a choice and this is what you chose. So now that you understand. Case closed”
Case closed
Its a cold case
Have to face that
Souls for sale! Look around you can take that. It’s like heaven on earth when you get the highest bidder. You done made it! Yeah you feeling like a winner. Uh until ya strings start to get pulled ….you running for the door
Oh they got some thangs in store
What you think you signed up for?
You’ll be taken care of
Be handsomely compensated
As long as you do what they say
Who you goin obey?

By Charlene Ward

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