62 More days!

“During the whole two years and change…. it seemed to fly by. But now that he’s so close to coming home, why does time seem to be crawling?”

I am in love with my husband. He is my best friend. And my heart hurts soo much in his absence. I absolutely believe our love is one of those rare, old fashioned, fairy tale love storiesĀ  you hear from those grandparents who have been together for over 50 years, happily. I literally count down, daily. I miss my Big Daddy soo much. The bass of his voice tickling my ear drum, the warmth of his touch. The way he spun me around like a ballerina! Ha! I used to be embarrassed when he did it in public but now i miss it! His attentiveness, he gives me so much attention. His hearty laugh, so contagious. Laying on that small patch of hair on his chest that tickles the side of my face. I remember the first time I persistently attempted to shave it off and he resisted but then reluctantly allowed me to! And now he prefers it gone! 62 more days until I see my kings face and what a glorious day it will be! Got used to taking care of everything, can’t wait for him to take back the reigns and be the head of the family. There’s going to be a lot to do, things to get back in order, but we’re both ready. I know it will Feel like a lifted burden because for so long my hearts been so heavy. I know he’s my soul mate…. If I had a rough day, mentally I’d say “I wish I could talk to my Baby” and then when he’d call the first thing he’d say is “what happened today? What’s wrong baby?” But usually he’ll say “hey baby, I love you. How was your day? What were you doing?” I told him, you must be telepathic because anytime you ask what’s wrong? It’s because I had a rough day. But on the good days you don’t ask what’s wrong! How do you know when something is wrong?! He always says ” because I’m in tune with you baby” its crazy! 62 more days… it will be a celebration! We still have to honey moon, we need a vacation! Can’t wait to do romantic things and make passionate love. Can’t wait to go to church together and I thank the Lord above always for putting us in each others path. He’s such a blessing! He’s always talking about how my photographs have him stressing! He said “you be looking too good out there” image image image image image image He wants to touch me always says he doesn’t wanna lose me. I always re assure him trust me… I’m here to stay. Our favorite motto is :

Foreva And A Day”

And I mean that. I wish I could just fast forward to May… although it seems like forever it’s only 62 more days. Eva Fresh. Eva Ready. Eva Stush!


You Never Gave Up



You never gave up on me baby
Never gave up on US.
we’ve been through some drama, and circumstances and my personality’s a little tough.
Every day was not so romantic.
But who’s everyday is romantic?
You did try to keep me happy daily.
Always loved your surprises
And your acts of chivalry.
But the hustle started taking over predominantly
Married to the streets & the mistress (ya money)
During high times I accept the fact I wasn’t always as grateful.
During our lows some of my verbal expressions were distasteful.
Soooo many other times I thought I was in love. Didn’t know how to truly accept you.
Used to look me in the eye when I thought you were full of s*** and say things like
” I would never degrade or disrespect you “
“I’m your protector and provider, you’re the one for me. I love you so much I just wanna take care of you and the kids”.
And you did
Your actions spoke louder than your words
But at what cost?
More money, more grind, less time
I’m working
You’re hustling
The things that went through my mind
Times I got soo frustrated
And told you I have had enough
Ready to throw in the towel
But you never gave up on us
At one point I thought you was crazy
Some of my friends did too!
Used to call my family to tell them to talk to me when I said I was through with you.
My mother has told me several times
” honey that man really loves you “
Other than the love from Christ I thought mans love was conditional
But you never gave up
All my life I’ve seen brokenness
A product of divorced parents and everyone’s marriage was a mess
All the men in my family, my exes & friends exes and even on TV…. they didn’t seem to have any loyalty so I added you to that category thinking eventually you’d do the same.
Cause you’re a man and “that’s what men do”
Sew wild oats, lie, cheat, play a bunch of games,
And you were honest and told me years ago you were that way.
Which caused me to put up my defenses
Cause I’ll be damned if I let another man think I’m gonna let love numb my senses
I will not be rendered defenseless
But you showed me,
Respect and loyalty
My heart started to heal from all the previous scars, cause daily it was treated like royalty
A small hiccup or two
But that’s to be expected
Even when my own family had me feeling rejected
You said you’d never let me go
You changed my whole LOVE perspective  Because yours was TRUE
so through your incarceration
I don’t care who thinks what
You never gave up on US
And I will never give up on you….




(Dated: May 2011
Official: June 2011
Booked: May 2013
Married: May 2 2014
Release date: May 12th 2015
Can’t wait to see you Big Daddy)

Eva Fresh. Eva Ready. Eva Stush!

Love & Incarceration

We’re literally in this together!

When you have a significant other who is “locked up” it is not just a trial for them….. It’s also a trial for you.

It has been about two years and counting since my husband has been absent from home, and it hasn’t been a cake walk!
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