Your Life Is A Reflection Of Your Choices

“We Live & Die With Our Choices”

Everything we have and don’t have in life is a reflection of our choices. Everything we are, Everywhere we go…Things we do and people we attract and habits we repeat are CHOICES. They are a reflection of the choices we make. I’ve realized when things don’t go as smoothly as I’d like I can get down on myself, upset or nonchalantly say “yeah that’s life” but Life gives us back what we put in. I cannot play the blame game. Neither can you.

So it is my mission to give more than I take, to love more than hate, to learn more than teach, to practice what I preach and sew seeds that I want to reap by building good habits.
To listen more than I talk, to walk that walk and be about my business and my family’s business because I am my Sistars and brothas keeper.
We all have a role to play so what new habits will you be building?
What old habits will we be destroying?
What talents and skills will we be feeding?
That is the life we will be leading, once the work is done we can ease on down the yellow brick road!
But Will we do the work?

Your habits become you,
You become your habits.

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Souled Out!

Souls 4 sale! Souls 4 sale!
Like a pimp to a john who got hoes 4
You’d think they’d all hold out for 6 figure contracts
But now a days they selling out wholesale
As soon as they washed up
Frantically searching to keep up
So “keep me relevant I’ll offer you  retail” no pre nup
That’s the ultimate marriage
“By any means necessary” put em on and out for re sale
Chop out another contract or two with miniscule details
“Sign on the dotted line” as we control your behind
you have 80% off ya life
We going collect every dime
Grim reaper goin collect ya soul
He smiling “dat a** is mine”
You can yell kick and scream
A million of souls next in line
“Oh you’re not ready to go yet? We’ll continue to use you as a tool for us to carry out any plan we choose to. Stick to the plan. Follow the rules or we’ll release you if another path you try to choose… See your soul was sold…see your signature here? Where’s your master now? You have a new one my dear. We were very clear. You had a choice and this is what you chose. So now that you understand. Case closed”
Case closed
Its a cold case
Have to face that
Souls for sale! Look around you can take that. It’s like heaven on earth when you get the highest bidder. You done made it! Yeah you feeling like a winner. Uh until ya strings start to get pulled ….you running for the door
Oh they got some thangs in store
What you think you signed up for?
You’ll be taken care of
Be handsomely compensated
As long as you do what they say
Who you goin obey?

By Charlene Ward

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62 More days!

“During the whole two years and change…. it seemed to fly by. But now that he’s so close to coming home, why does time seem to be crawling?”

I am in love with my husband. He is my best friend. And my heart hurts soo much in his absence. I absolutely believe our love is one of those rare, old fashioned, fairy tale love stories  you hear from those grandparents who have been together for over 50 years, happily. I literally count down, daily. I miss my Big Daddy soo much. The bass of his voice tickling my ear drum, the warmth of his touch. The way he spun me around like a ballerina! Ha! I used to be embarrassed when he did it in public but now i miss it! His attentiveness, he gives me so much attention. His hearty laugh, so contagious. Laying on that small patch of hair on his chest that tickles the side of my face. I remember the first time I persistently attempted to shave it off and he resisted but then reluctantly allowed me to! And now he prefers it gone! 62 more days until I see my kings face and what a glorious day it will be! Got used to taking care of everything, can’t wait for him to take back the reigns and be the head of the family. There’s going to be a lot to do, things to get back in order, but we’re both ready. I know it will Feel like a lifted burden because for so long my hearts been so heavy. I know he’s my soul mate…. If I had a rough day, mentally I’d say “I wish I could talk to my Baby” and then when he’d call the first thing he’d say is “what happened today? What’s wrong baby?” But usually he’ll say “hey baby, I love you. How was your day? What were you doing?” I told him, you must be telepathic because anytime you ask what’s wrong? It’s because I had a rough day. But on the good days you don’t ask what’s wrong! How do you know when something is wrong?! He always says ” because I’m in tune with you baby” its crazy! 62 more days… it will be a celebration! We still have to honey moon, we need a vacation! Can’t wait to do romantic things and make passionate love. Can’t wait to go to church together and I thank the Lord above always for putting us in each others path. He’s such a blessing! He’s always talking about how my photographs have him stressing! He said “you be looking too good out there” image image image image image image He wants to touch me always says he doesn’t wanna lose me. I always re assure him trust me… I’m here to stay. Our favorite motto is :

Foreva And A Day”

And I mean that. I wish I could just fast forward to May… although it seems like forever it’s only 62 more days. Eva Fresh. Eva Ready. Eva Stush!

21 Day Confession


“Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.” Prov. 18:21 KJV

Words Are Powerful

21 day Confession/ Releasing your faith (You can add to it)

 Father I thank you right now for Psalm 91. I declare Lord that the angels are encamped round about my home.

 I thank you Lord that I am redeemed.
I thank you Lord that Satan is bound.
I thank you Lord that angels are loosed.
God I’m releasing my faith right now!
I thank you Lord that I operate today on a supernatural level.
That you are giving me the capacity to do everything that I need to do.
I thank you Lord I am releasing my faith for the unusual favor that you’re bringing into my life.
Thank you Lord that they are choosing me every time.
Favor is operating in my life.
You are raising up someone to use their power and their influence on my behalf.
They are happy to stand with me in the name of Jesus.
I thank you Lord for doors of opportunity.
I thank you Lord. I expect it to be just as if I went to Walmart, I step into a place the doors open wide, so that I can step in and do what I need to do.
Lord I thank you that I am a tither and today I’m releasing my faith.
I thank you that you’re my source.
I bless you that you’re going to use people to bless me.
Men are looking for me.
Money comes in my mailbox from unexpected resources.
I thank you Lord that I don’t have to struggle and strive.
I have unusual favor.
I thank you Lord that I function at a high level.
I thank you Lord that I’m walking in the favor of God.
I thank you Lord that I give tithe and offering.
I thank you Lord that today windows of heaven are open unto me.
I thank you that I have supernatural ability coming to me.
Lord I thank you that I operate on an incredible level, a high level. I’m functioning in a capacity that I never would know myself. I’m having ideas manifesting in my mind Lord, I have understanding coming to me. I am productive in whatever I do. I’m releasing my faith for it. It’s taking me pass my training, pass my understanding.
I thank you Lord for divine favor.
I thank you Lord, favor ain’t fair. When I come on the scene the people are looking for me to bless me. I’m releasing my faith for it in the name of Jesus.
 I thank you Lord that you’re opening doors all over the world for me.
I thank you Lord that the brakes are taken off of me. Lord I’m going in every door that you have opened up for me. I take the brakes off of you.
I thank you Lord that I have more than enough. You even use me as a distribution center, Lord so that I can distribute to others. Thank you Lord Jesus for me finding that favor with you.
Lord I thank you! Lord I thank you! I didn’t expect this money today. Lord here you are causing money to come to me. Come on! Come here now! Come and answer everything in my life. You are a servant money. Come and serve me! I release my faith now that money comes and serves me. It comes from unexpected sources.

Father I am a tither and I thank you for supernatural ability to function at a high level of excellence and integrity.
Father I thank you for ideas.
Thank you Lord for a place of action, for providing that for me. Thank you for productivity. Thank you for supernatural insight. Thank you for doors of opportunity being open unto me. Thank you for favor pouring unto me. Devine favor. The favor that causes others to use their power on my behalf.  
Thank you Father for honor and blessings. Thank you for you mighty provisions. I expect those provisions Father. I expect it from unexpected sources. I believe I receive it right now!
In Jesus’ Name! Amen

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The Coldest Winter Ever!


“One thing about Storms….. they may wreak havoc…but they come & they go”

Many of us are good with keeping up appearances. In a day and age of perfection, beauty, status, social media, advanced technology etc. The ability to fake the funk is easier than ever. Everything can be photo shopped, leased, nipped & tucked! Forget keeping up with the Jones’ everybody trying to keep up with the Kardashians! Ha!
Aaahhh…. the Luxury life.. Those who have it flaunt it, those who don’t, want it.
When are we going to get real? Really keep it 100. And respect when people do keep it 100.
No matter what is going on in your life just know you’re not alone. It is OK to fall off your high horse sometimes…..just saddle back up!
Its OK to be REAL and have flaws. Singers like Beyonce’ make songs about ” I woke up like this #flawless” is unrealistic. Yeah it sounds good but we all have flaws. Some of us just pay lots of money to correct the physical ones! But flaws are what makes each and every one of us unique.
It saddens me when some people experience a life altering event and they get so down on themselves and depressed, some even committing suicide because life is not going in their favor at the moment. That saddens me and is unfortunate because life is like weather. You have good days….. The sun is shining, it’s feeling good and you’re doing great feeling wonderful and those days may last a while. But just like you have those good days here comes the rain, the storm clouds, snow, hail, tornados, floods & earthquakes and those days may last a little while. No one likes to be in the midst of the storm, it’s unpleasant but as long as you can endure it, it will pass!
It’s always darkest before the dawn. But hang in there! This may be your coldest winter ever but stay hopeful and persevere because you will be ever grateful for your warmest summer ever!

There’s nothing wrong with expressing yourself and being real. We sometimes tend to share the great news with family, friends & social media and when things are sour we may keep a facade of being ok  when in actuality we may be going through something. Not everything is for social media. Some things may need privacy or professional help, but just keep going! Do not give up! Storms don’t last forever.



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